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We’ll be hosting a tournament in a few weeks and we are very excited about it. And because we at Game Time Geeks are very much in the spirit of community, we’re looking for your help to make sure that the winners really are winners.

In the same vein as a Reddit Gift Exchange, we’re going to be giving away prizes to winners via post. Now because we don’t have any sponsors for this tournament, we came up with a very unique idea. We were lucky enough to get some virtual office space rental that we can use in London as a hub to send items to.

To enter the tournament, all you have to do is send some gifts to the address. When we’ve reached the deadline for entrants, all the items will be packaged up based on value and dissimilarity. They’ll be divided in to first, second and third place prizes for the winners. It’s important to divide them up because we don’t want the same person getting the same gift more than once.

And because we want to keep the tournament is cheap as possible, the games we’ll be playing are all currently free with gold on Xbox Live.

We will be playing:

  • Warface
  • Destiny Beta
  • Gotham City Impostors
  • Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition

If you’re up for the competition and want to win a bundle of prizes that your peers deem to be great, get in touch with us.

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