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WWE2K14 Review

You’re probably wondering why the first main review on this site would be for a game like WWE 2K14. Well the answer is simple. Wrestling games fit perfectly in the slot between being a fully combat driven sports game, and one that you can just muck about with for hours on end. Gametimegeeks has been playing with wrestling video games for years, al the way back to the days of WWE No Mercy on the N64 and the original Smackdown games (which are the best).


And just like a Bungay estate agents, in this little part of the gaming world, the genre always strives to be the best bang for your buck. With what claims to be the biggest roster for a WWE game ever, and game modes like Defeat the Streak and Wrestlemania Moment, the game is attempting to bring the best of the past to a new generation.

This is both a flaw and a great showpiece. If you’ve played the game with someone younger in the family, as I did with my little bro, you get to hype up characters like The Rock and say ‘this is what wrestling was like when I was your age’. But the game sort has itw own tale to tell and creates matches that have a rose tinted view.


There’s one match involving Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. It was to be the cause of much frustration. These little Wrestlemania matches can only be completed due to objectives. Sometimes you don’t know what the objective will be unless you fight and fight all over the arena. It turns what should be a fun experience in to ‘is this what happened?’ a lot.


Saying that though, the graphics in the game are always a slight improvement on the year before, and the reversal system adds a button basher element that was previously missing. And you get to play as Ultimate Warrior so that’s always a plus. It's true there's nothing quite like the real thing though, so that's why this Geek will be heading to WWE Smackdown Live! in Glasgow this autumn.

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