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Wreck it Ralph Easter eggs

I was watching Wreck It Ralph again a few days ago and this time was trying to be as eagle eyed as possible, trying to find even the little gaming references that I’d looked over previously. And while the most basic ones are the best, there are one or two that I hadn’t noticed before which put a big smile on this cynical face.

Here are some of the better references they managed to fit in to the movie at some point.

Aerith Lives? Well hello Final Fantasy graffiti artists.

Now I know this is the original kill screen, but if you haven’t bothered to watch the credits of the movie before, give it a go. It has its own special version

Not so much a reference as a shout out to another Disney movie. That yellowish poster behind Ralph? It’s a lost dog poster for Bolt.

It seems all the little gems are behind Ralph’s shoulders. Notice the little Mickey on the wall.

Just Chun-Li nonchalantly walking in the background.

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