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Games With Gold: Worth It?

There are two reasons why I’m not switching over to an Xbox one yet: they’re pretty dear, and with my 360 on gold, I still get two free games a month. It’s something I’ve been trying to justify for the last few months. I’ll download a new game and patiently watch that download bar take longer than it ever should to hit complete. Over the last few months I’ve been playing Dead Island, Sleeping Dogs and Lara Croft: Guardian of Light.’


Now while it’s nice to see that some of the games Xbox are offering are previously popular titles, after playing some of them, you begin to wonder why Xbox aren’t just dishing out more experimental and fun games.


Playing Dead Island was exciting at first. Running about and bashing zombies over the head always will be. But after the 20th time I’d collected a package for someone and had to run a mile back just to do it again, it started to feel like playing the first Assassin’s Creed (oh I have to climb another tower again?).


Sleeping dogs was more of the same. I found myself going ‘this is like a clunkier GTA or Saints Row’ and then I just played what I imagine a martial arts film with a can of Monster poured all over it will look like.

Both games are meant to be something of a reward for having gold, but they end up feeling like a labour of love where you just want to clear achievements and quickly move on.


Guardian Of Light was something different though. It was the type of game I hadn’t experienced in a long time. I’ve never been a big fan of Tomb Raider games, but this was just fun. It didn’t feel like the reboot so much as what a new Metal Slug should look like (you constantly shoot and tell me it doesn’t ring true). It’s much more linear than your average game is nowadays and I loved the level of restraint. It was like using the best of a ps1 game going full hog on cut scenes.


I suppose if the scales are tipped in the favour of brand value over game style, then I’ll just have to hedge my bets that the second game every month will be worth the wait.

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