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How To Cool Your PC?

It's almost summer and while for some people that means hitting the gym to work on the beach body, for us Game Time Geeks it's a panic to figure out how we're going to keep our PCs cool and not run the risk of the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.



The best way I've found to make sure that a computer stays operational under the stress of heat is with a small version of an air conditioning condenser that will constantly draw cool air in to the unit. I have some simple tips though if you're currently sitting at your PC and think you're computer should be ok:

  • Is your PC sitting against a wall? And are the vents for the van on the same side? You need to create some space and sit it a few inches out. Just give the side of your unit a quick feel and you'll see how much heat it emits when on.
  • When was the last time you cleaned your PC (and I don't mean the keyboard)? You need to give the machine a good wipe down both inside and out. If you've no experience with this, it's easy to have a quick check. Just unscrews the case, making sure to keep note of what screws goes where, and then clean out the dust. A good way of getting in to the small areas like the fan with a lot of dust build up is to get a hairdresser, make sure it is blowing out cold air, and focus it on the dusty area. And please please please remember to make sure that your computer is OFF when you do this.
  • Buy some thermal paste; your computer needs it. Don't know what that is? Then read this handy guide from PC World that explains it better than I ever could.
  • Buy a compressed air can! It's not just the unit that needs a good clean. When was the last time you had a look under your keyboard to see what dust, hair, crumbs and god knows else is under there. A compressed air can with a straw is a great way to blow out dirt form hard to reach bits (its also great to clean out air fans in laptops without taking the cover off) I'd suggest you Google the make of your keyboard to see the easiest ways to remove keys and really get in there.

One final tip! Unplug your mouse and give it a good clean too with some alcohol wipes and a toothpick to pick out the really gritty bits (you'd be surprised just how dirty that little thing can get)

Of course, if you're a dedicated PC cleaner like some, you could always just do a 180 and cool your unit using your favourite soda:

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